About Us


We know that cooking for others is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. The time you invest from the shopping, to the prep, the cooking and cleanup – it’s a lot, but it’s always worth it.

When you make something great, that’s what brings everyone to the table for Sunday dinner, family breakfast, or a slice of pie on the front porch. These are moments that one bite can take you back to. These are times that they’ll always treasure, every time you make them a “favorite family recipe.”

Cooking could be fun and interesting, we apply our believes into our products to make your cooking in kitchen easy and full of enjoyment.

We regularly share new cooking recipes with you, we would also like to hear from everyone to exchange any knowledges and cooking skills. We’ve been making food and making memories our whole lives. And whether you’re an ace at home-cooking or just giving it a first try, we’re here for you – welcome to Yum Express


Thank You


Vincent S.